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   Inhibitor we introduced a lot of relevant content, not repeat them here. Today we are talking about ZK-80-HZ scope corrosion inhibitor.

   ZK-80-HZ inhibitor for oil with high content of H2S in high salinity brine system to protect steel against corrosion of metals in H2S corrosion inhibition, while able to better control the local high salinity brine caused corrosion. This product is a water-soluble dispersion inhibitor, excellent performance, in oil, gas and water phase have good protective effect, but also has a good ability to inhibit the H2S-induced hydrogen embrittlement, and with the demulsifier and other Oilfield chemicals have good compatibility.

    Thank you for your attention, I hope the introduction helpful to you, oh, we sincerely close to the customer, in order to meet customer action to win retain customers to personalize leading customers, your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

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